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RP Partner?

Looking for an OC RP partner who will respond relatively quickly. I’ve tried RP cites but meh, they don’t work that well for me. So yeah. If you have an OC you’d like to RP with contact me! Please….. -.- Haha…I’m bored. 


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man: when you dress like that it's like putting a steak in front of a dog. what do you expect?

woman: *proves that even dogs have discipline*

man: wHat!!!!!11!!!?????? WHY ??????????????????????????????????? ARE YOU SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPARING US FREE-THINKING MALE CITIZENS TO DOGS????????????????????/ FEMINISM IS MISANDRY!!!!!1!!!!!111!! WHERE DID OUR MEN'S RIGHTS GO



Some pictures from the rally today at Columbia. So much wonderful support for my sister and I! Emma and I are truly grateful to everyone who came, and everyone who was there in spirit.

This honestly makes me so emotional.


you know fanfics got you fucked up when smut is “cute” and “adorable”